Brain Atrophy in Radiologically Isolated Syndromes

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The aim of this study was to compare brain atrophy in radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS), in clinically isolated syndrome (CIS), and in individuals with subjective complaints (ISC).


Patients with RIS were included prospectively during June 2009 to June 2012. CIS patients and ISC were used to compare the RIS sample. An automated analysis tool, SIENAX, was used to obtain normalized total brain volume (NTBV), normalized cortical volume (NCV), and normalized white matter volume (NWMV). ANOVA test was used to analyze the data.


A total of 10 RIS patients, 43 CIS patients, and 29 ISC were included. The NTBV in RIS was 1.56 mm3 × 106, 1.52 × 106 in CIS, and 1.64 × 106 in ISC (P= .12 vs. CIS andP= .003 vs. ISC); the NCV in RIS was .59 × 106, .55 × 106 in CIS, and .71 × 106 in ISC (P= .22 vs. CIS andP= .002 vs. ISC), and NWMV in RIS was 1.1 × 106, 1 in CIS and 1.12 × 106 in ISC (P= .66 vs. CIS andP= .12 vs. ISC).


NTBV and NCV were significantly lower in RIS compared with ISC while no differences were observed in NWMV.

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