Ca2+- and Mg2+-Modulated Lipolysis in Neonatal Rat Brain Slices Observed by One- and Two-Dimensional NMR

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Superfused cortical brain slices from neonatal rats demonstrated large increases in levels of NMR-detectable lipids after sample preparation and perfusion with standard artificial CSF. These increases were reduced by an average of 58% by perfusion with buffer with low (no added) Ca2+ or by perfusion in Ca2+-free buffer. Perfusion with buffer with elevated MgSO4 (10 mmol/L) reduced the lipid changes by 47%. A reduction of 88% was observed in samples perfused in buffer with both low Ca2+ and high Mg2+, suggesting a role for Mg2+ in reducing lipolysis distinct from its known ability to block Ca2+ influx.

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