Differential Properties of Two Stably Expressed Brain-Specific Glycine Transporters

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Clonal cell lines stably expressing the glial glycine transporter 1b (GLYT1b) and the neuronal glycine transporter 2 (GLYT2) from rat brain have been generated and used comparatively to examine their kinetics, ion dependence, and electrical properties. Differential sensitivity of the transporters to sarcosine is clearly exhibited by the clonal cell lines. GLYT2 transports glycine with higher apparent affinity than GLYT1b and is not inhibited by any assayed compound, as deduced by glycine transport assays and electrophysiological recordings. A sigmoidal Na+ dependence of the glycine uptake by the stable cell lines is observed, indicating the involvement of more than one Na+ in the transport process. A more cooperative behavior for Na+ of GLYT2 than GLYT1b is suggested. One Cl− is required for GLYT1b and GLYT2 transport cycles, although GLYT1b shows three times higher affinity for this ion than GLYT2. The number of expressed transporters was sufficient to allow electrophysiological recordings of the uptake current in the two stable cell lines. GLYT2 exhibits more voltage dependence in both its glycine-evoked current and its capacitive currents recorded in the absence of substrate.

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