Nurses' Experiences of Practicing the HeartTouch Technique for One Month

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Stress plays a significant role in almost every aspect of health. Appraisal (thoughts and feelings) of a situation determines the level of stress experienced.PurposeTo describe the nurses' experiences of practicing the HeartTouch (HRTT) technique, an internal tool designed to help nurses change their thoughts and feelings, especially in stressful situations.MethodAfter an education session discussing the effects of thoughts and feelings on stress and health, nurses learn HRTT. After practicing HRTT for 1 month during their daily life, 48 nurses answer 7 open-ended questions about their experience. Content analysis is used to analyze the data.FindingsNurses notice physical, mental, and emotional benefits for themselves, patients, colleagues, and family members. Nurses feel less stressed and experience an increased sense of control and ability to notice and change their thoughts and feelings. Nurses also discuss meaningful connections with self, others, and a Higher Power and greater work satisfaction.

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