A Model for Holistic Practice: The Process of Healing Transformations

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This article presents an emerging model of healing transformations to guide nurses in caring for those living with a chronic illness. A review of the literature on chronic illness and its relationship to lifestyle behavior change and transformative nursing practice is included. Derived from qualitative narratives, this work reports the clusters of phenomena within each phase of the model. The model emerged from data gathered during 36 in-depth interviews with 18 men and women living with chronic skin wounds. During two interviews, each participant shared important life stories and meaningful reflections on living with a chronic skin wound. Using the theory of health as expanding consciousness, analysis of each participant's life story revealed individual life patterns and patterns across participants. These patterns were validated and reflected on with participants during the second interview. Synthesizing participants' patterns of responses, the model of healing transformations emerged. Developed from clients' experiences, the model of healing transformations provides rich insight into the nature of healing and the central role of the nurse practicing from a holistic perspective in this process. Nurses make a positive difference in the healing trajectory of those living with chronic illnesses such as chronic skin wounds.

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