Energy Dialogue Technique in Healing and Health: Relieving Side Effects and Thyroid Dysfunction in a Male With Hemophilia Receiving Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus—An Anecdotal Case Study

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This article describes the use of energy dialogue technique (EDT), a healing intervention that provides awareness of imbalances in the energetic field that affect patients' health and guide the practitioner to sense and direct the frequency, vibration, intention, awareness, or consciousness to correct these imbalances. The authors document the effectiveness of this technique as it was used to treat side effects of the medical intervention for hepatitis C in a male with hemophilia. Following EDT, the client's symptoms of fatigue and pain improved by 30% to 40%; moreover, thyroid function returned to normal. The authors suggest that EDT be studied and explored for inclusion as a treatment modality.

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