Transformational Leadership: A Model for Advanced Practice Holistic Nurses

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Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse (APHN) leaders could provide a model of leadership to advance value based health care systems in the United States. The American Nurses Association has recognized Holistic Nursing as a specialty because of the emphasis placed on patient-centered care, the development of therapeutic relationships, interconnection, and holism. Transformational leadership is a framework that uses vision, inspiration and intellectual stimulation to motivate people toward needed change. The APHN is well positioned to use transformational leadership methods to lead teams placing the patient at the center of health care decision making and bring the essence of holism to the forefront of health care. Highlighted are methods for positive communication, inspiration, negotiation, and conflict resolution as tools the APHN could use to become a transformational leader. The purpose of this article is to discuss a framework for transformational leadership development and implementation to establish the holistic ideals of APHNs in the health care system.

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