Being Mindful as a Phenomenological Attitude

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Purpose: The purpose of this article is to reflect on being mindful as a phenomenological attitude rather than on describing mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention. I will also explore the possibilities that being mindful might open up in relation to nursing research and holistic nursing. Design and Method: I will describe and interpret mindfulness as a state of being by means of van Manen’s phenomenological method, using the language of phenomenology rather than the language of reductionist science. Thus, this article can be considered a reflective narrative, describing both the process of orienting to the phenomenon, making preunderstandings—including own experiences of mindfulness—visible, and a thematic analysis of nine scientific articles describing the phenomenon. Findings: Being mindful as a phenomenological attitude can be described as a deliberate intentionality, where the person is present in the moment and open to what is going on, bridling personal values and accepting the unfamiliar, thus achieving a sense of being peacefully situated in the world, and able to apprehend one’s being-in-the-world. Conclusions: Being mindful as a phenomenological attitude can contribute not only to phenomenological nursing research but also support nurses’ presence and awareness.

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