Horizontal deployment of an intracranial stent via an antegrade approach for coil embolization of a basilar apex aneurysm: technical note

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The treatment of basilar apex aneurysms has progressively become more minimalistic in nature. Although initial coil embolizations were geared towards those aneurysms with a favorable neck to dome ratio, wide necked aneurysms have also been increasingly treated by the endovascular route. Several techniques have been described in the stent assisted coiling of basilar apex aneurysms, including the Y stent formation, waffle cone technique and horizontal stenting. Thus far, horizontal stenting has required access from a retrograde approach—namely, the posterior communicating artery. The authors describe a novel antegrade technique, through the basilar artery, for the deployment of a Neuroform-EZ stent (Boston Scientific, Natick, Massachusetts, USA) in a horizontal configuration across the neck of a basilar apex aneurysm. This approach allowed for the complete coil embolization of a wide necked basilar apex aneurysm.

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