The stent anchor technique for distal access through a large or giant aneurysm

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Large and giant aneurysms pose significant challenges to the endovascular techniques of coil embolization or parent vessel reconstruction. Many large aneurysms are wide-necked with bulbous domes and frequently require stent-assisted coiling or flow diversion to reconstruct and preserve flow through the parent artery. Often the wire must be looped in the dome before catheterization of the exiting portion of the parent vessel is possible. In addition, it can be challenging to obtain stable distal purchase of the microcatheter that will allow the loop to be withdrawn from the aneurysm without the entire microcatheter unwinding, resulting in herniation into the aneurysm or proximal vessels. The stent anchor technique, a novel method of obtaining distal purchase that allows straightening of the catheter loop within a large aneurysm for the purposes of stenting for vessel reconstruction across large or giant aneurysms, is presented. This technique may facilitate the use of new stent technologies in the treatment of large aneurysms that have traditionally been exceedingly difficult to treat via an endovascular approach.

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