E-024 A Single-center Experience of Carotid Artery Stenting in Patients with Carotid Stenosis

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Carotid artery stenting (CAS) has emerged as a potential alternative to endarterectomy and its clinical practise dramatically increased in many parts of the world. This study aims to determine the safety and post-procedural complication of carotid artery stenting at a single-center institution in Korea.

Patients and methods

We retrospectively analyzed all CAS procedures performed at our institution between March 2009 and February 2013.


During the observation period, a total of 87 CAS procedures were attempted in 79 patients with stenoses of the internal carotid artery of which 66 (75.9%) were symptomatic and 21 (24.1%) were asymptomatic. The patient group comprised 69 men (87.3%) and 10 women (12.7%) with a mean age of 67.9 years (range, 49–83 years). Stents were successfully inserted in 85 (97.7%) cases. Post-procedural vascular events to discharge occurred in 10 patients (3 cases of cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome, 7 cases of ischemic stroke). Among 10 patients, death and a permanent severe neurologic deficit occurred in 3 patients with cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome and 1 patient with ischemic stroke.


Post-procedural death or a permanent severe neurologic deficit after CAS occurred due to mainly hyperperfusion syndrome in our study.


J. Lee: None.

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