Social Alienation-Personal Disorganization Assessment in Disturbed and Normal Adolescents

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Two groups of adolescents seeking psychotherapy (N = 91 and N = 198) and a normative group (N = 112) provided 5-minute verbal behavior protocols which were content analyzed for social alienation-personal disorganization (SA-PD). The data supported the hypothesis that adolescents applying for help in 1974 to 1975 showed greater pathology than those seen in 1972 to 1973. The normative adolescents were significantly healthier than either of the two Adolescent Clinic groups. In the clinic samples, older adolescents were more disturbed than those in the younger ranges. The SA-PD scale is a useful addition to tools available for the assessment of emotional states of adolescents. The data support the idea that there appears to be an increasing severity in the problems presented by adolescents in very recent years.

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