Psychometric Properties of the Swedish Version of the Self-Transcendence Scale Among Very Old People

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Background and Purpose:This study tested the psychometric properties of a Swedish version of the Self-Transcendence Scale (STS).Methods:Cohen's weighted kappa, agreement, absolute reliability, relative reliability, and internal consistency were calculated, and the underlying structure of the STS was established by exploratory factor analysis. There were 2 samples available: 1 including 194 people aged 85-103 years and a convenience sample of 60 people aged 21-69 years.Results:Weighted kappa values ranged from .40 to .89. The intraclass correlation coefficient for the original STS was .763, and the least significant change between repeated tests was 6.25 points.Conclusion:The revised STS was found to have satisfactory psychometric properties, and 2 of the 4 underlying dimensions in Reed's self-transcendence theory were supported.

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