Improving Objective Measurement in Nursing Research: Rasch Model Analysis and Diagnostics of the Nursing Students' Clinical Stress Scale

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Background and Purpose: The purpose of this study is to use Rasch model diagnostics and analysis to understand survey item (questions) functioning of the Nursing Students' Clinical Stress Scale, a rating scale instrument developed by Whang (2002). Methods: A rating scale instrument originally written in Korean was translated into English and administered to a convenience sample of all junior (46) and senior (64) students at a large Midwest university. Results and Conclusions: Rasch model analysis provided the empirical evidence to support that the survey items measured the latent variable, stress. Diagnostic results indicated the need for improved category labeling. Clinical Relevance: It is imperative that nursing educators evaluate and facilitate inter- and intraprofessional relationships between students and staff/faculty as well as understand the student experience.

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