Electronic Medical Record Validation:Exploring the Reliability of IntracranialPressure Data Abstracted From theElectronic Medical Record-Pilot

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Background and Purpose:

Intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring is crucial to decision making for neurologically injured patients, yet measurement of ICP varies greatly among practitioners.


Unblinded, nonrandomized, observational pilot study comparing ICP values collected using pen and paper (P&P), electronic medical record (EMR), and video data with continuous data acquisition (CDA) technology.


ICP values did not significantly differ between EMR and P&P records, despite an average of 16 minutes difference in reporting times. ICP values varied significantly when comparing CDA data to EMR or paper.


The results of this pilot study put in to question the validity of ICP values that are recorded in the medical record, which has implications for patient care and research.

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