PO001 Successful neurology trainee research network collaborative audit

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IntroductionSuccessful Trainee Clinical Research Networks have been established since 2007. Our network in the peninsula, the SOuthwest Neurology Audit and Research Group (SONAR) is the first such Neurology trainee network in the UK. To enable development of cohesive collaborative working of the network we designed an audit which would be deliverable across three neurology centres within the peninsula.MethodWe audited management of suspected acute meningitis and meningococcal sepsis against national guidelines within a 4 week period in December. A standardised anonymsed data collation tool was used across the three centres and results were analysed at one centre.ResultsAll 9 registrars on the rotation contributed to audit methodology design and data analysis; seven contributed cases (from all three centres). Ten cases were included in the audit, 6 (Exeter), 3 (Plymouth), and 1 (Truro). Our audit highlighted deficiencies in timely senior review, delivery of antibiotics and steroids, inappropriate administration of acyclovir and delay in lumbar puncture.ConclusionThis was SONAR’s first collaborative project and demonstrated that as a group of trainees we can successfully conduct a project across multiple hospital sites. We plan to extend the scope and ambition of our future undertakings.

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