PO015 Meeting the needs of patients with functional neurological disorders: a review of a tertiary inpatient neurology service

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The inpatient resources required to meet the needs of patients with Functional Neurological Disorders (FNDs) are uncertain, although significant contributions from neurologists, physiotherapists, psychologists and others are required. Accurate quantification of this is necessary to support care arrangement planning. We examined the inpatient activity linked to the care of patients with FNDs on a tertiary acute neurology ward to evaluate this issue.


A retrospective case-note review of patients discharged from the Acute Neurology Unit at the Greater Manchester Neuroscience Centre over four months was performed. Data collected included demographics, diagnosis and length of stay.


Overall 127 patients were identified. 16% had a diagnosis of FND. Of these, 60% had non-epileptic attack disorder (NEAD), 30% paralysis, 5% blindness and 5% a movement disorder. Patients with FNDs were significantly younger (mean 35 years versus 52 years, p<0.001), and more were female (85% versus 15%, p=0.005). The median length of stay for patients with FNDs was 7.5 days (IQR 5–10.5), compared to 10 days (IQR 6–21) for others (p=0.095).


Patients with FNDs, particularly NEAD, represented a significant proportion of inpatient activity. This information will support planning our FNDs service to ensure it meets the needs of this patient group.

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