PO034 Frontier executive screen (fes)

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ObjectiveTo assess the utility of the recently described FRONTIER Executive Screen (FES) in patients with genetically determined frontotemporal dementia (FTD). FES tests verbal fluency, verbal inhibitory control, and working memory.ResultsThree patients with genetically determined FTD (two with C9orf72 hexanucleotide repeat expansions, one with tau gene mutation) were administered FES and results were compared to most recent administrations of the Frontal Assessment Battery (FAB). Two patients presented with typical behavioural variant FTD and one had a linguistic presentation suggestive of semantic dementia. All three patients scored below the suggested threshold for FES (≤8/15), whereas only two of the three cases were below the threshold score (≤12/18) for FAB, suggesting that FES may be a more sensitive test of executive function than FAB. FES was quick, acceptable to patients and easy to use, but took more time to score than FAB.ConclusionsIn this case series, FES appeared to be a valuable addition to the screening instruments available for ‘bedside’ assessment of executive function. It is freely available (http://http://www.neura.edu.au/frontier/research).

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