PO077 Evaluating a nurse-led diagnosis pathway in parkinson’s disease

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ObjectiveTo evaluate patient satisfaction with a nurse-led new-diagnosis patient pathway for Parkinson’s disease.BackgroundReceiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can result in patients feeling vulnerable and alone. Our patient-led diagnosis project group has previously identified areas of deficiency and developed and implemented a new nurse-led patient pathway covering the first year post-diagnosis. In this project we aimed to evaluate patient experience of this patient pathway.MethodsA questionnaire was designed to evaluate whether the pathway was meeting objectives, and delivered to 40 patients diagnosed within the new pathway between March and September 2016.Results19 responses were received (response rate 38.7%). 100% of patients felt they were fully involved in their treatment decisions; 95% felt that treatment was tailored to their needs; 89% of patients had access to information pre-appointment and knew to bring a partner; 100% of patients were given written information during the appointment; 100% of patients felt supported in their diagnosis; 100% said they were given a point of contact and 88% of patients eligible for clinical research were offered the opportunity.ConclusionCompared with prior to the new pathway, there is a dramatic increase in patient satisfaction. Cost-effectiveness of the pathway is currently being evaluated.

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