PO114 Neda achievement by time interval with daclizumab

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Significantly more DECIDE patients receiving subcutaneous daclizumab HYP (daclizumab) 150 mg achieved no evidence of disease activity (NEDA) vs intramuscular interferon beta-1a (IFNβ1a) 30 µg over 96 weeks. Early residual disease activity (from pretreatment epoch) present while a new therapy reaches full efficacy may impact NEDA evaluation. We examined NEDA-achieving patients in DECIDE post hoc, from baseline to week 24 (6 months) and at weeks 24–96 (18 months) of treatment.


NEDA was defined as the composite of no relapses, no 12 week confirmed disability progression (CDP), and no new/enlarging T2 (NET2) lesions (vs time interval start) and/or no gadolinium-enhancing (Gd+) lesions (on MRI performed after time interval start).


From baseline to week 24, significantly more daclizumab vs IFNβ1a patients achieved overall, clinical (no relapses, no 12 week CDP), and MRI (no NET2, no Gd +lesions) NEDA (p<0.0001). Similar results were observed for weeks 24–96, with notably higher ORs for most measures.


The superiority of daclizumab over IFNβ1a on NEDA status was observed during the first 6 treatment months in DECIDE, becoming more prominent during the following 18 months when therapies reached full efficacy and effects were less diluted by pretreatment disease activity.


Biogen, Abbvie; Author disclosures will be presented

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