PO146 Defining the domains of a composite assessment tool for ms

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IntroductionDisease assessment measures in multiple sclerosis (MS) are often underused, reporting of assessments varies between centres, and there is no standardised patient-reported measure used across the UK.ObjectiveTo define the components of a novel, patient-reported, composite assessment tool for MS to improve the consistency of MS management.MethodsA steering committee (n=6) was convened to postulate potential domains, following which consensus was sought from 22 UK-based neurologists in a modified three-round Delphi process (≥70% agreement required for domain inclusion). New domains could arise from the group.ResultsIn round one, the Delphi panel reached consensus (n=16/18, 88.9%) that a patient-reported, composite profile measure would add value to UK clinical practice. Following three rounds of the Delphi process, panellists reached consensus agreement to include 9/11 of the proposed domains: fatigue, upper-limb function, mobility, cognition, vision, pain, bladder function, bowel function and quality of life. Two domains did not achieve consensus for inclusion by Delphi round three: depression (n=13/19, 68.4%) and sexual function (n=11/19, 57.9%).ConclusionNine domains reached the predetermined threshold for inclusion, demonstrating consensus of opinion for the components of a patient-reported, composite assessment tool for MS and the value of such a measure in UK clinical practice.

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