PO208 Acute segmental poliomyelitis-like flaccid paralysis in an adult in the uk, associated with enterovirus d68

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Enterovirus D68 has been associated with a poliomyelitis-like illness, notably during an outbreak in 2014, particularly affecting children in the United States. We report a case of acute segmental flaccid paralysis with respiratory involvement in an adult in the UK, in whom enterovirus D68 was detected in his sputum sample. MRI of brain and cervical spine was normal. CSF analysis showed an elevated white cell count, predominantly lymphocytic, with otherwise normal constituents and negative viral PCRs. His respiratory function improved after treatment with IVIG, suggesting that this may be considered as a treatment modality in such cases. Enterovirus D68 infection should be considered in the differential diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, particularly the pharyngeal–cervical–brachial variant.

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