PO213 Sonar identifies research training needs in a clinical training program

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IntroductionSuccessful Trainee Clinical Research Networks have been established since 2007 and are primarily run by Surgical and Anaesthetic Trainees. In the southwest peninsula we have set up the first UK Neurology Trainee Audit and Research Collaborative to deliver clinical studies. Ensuring all trainees have appropriate training is a key requirement; we aimed to ascertain the training needs of our network members.MethodA survey was sent to all 9 neurology trainees in the Peninsula Deanery. It comprised 5 questions to establish trainee clinical research training and experience.ResultsResponse rate was 100%. Training level varied from ST3–5; 22% had previously completed higher degrees. 40% of trainees had not been involved in clinical research. One trainee had not had formal good clinical practice (GCP) training and none had formal Informed Consent training. Of those who had been involved in research, there had been limited involvement in project design, ethics approval processes, data analysis, manuscript preparation or findings presentation.ConclusionWe identified a training need in our Trainee Audit and Research Network. In order to address this, we have organised formal GCP and Informed Consent training; to broaden the research experience of network members, we are planning our first collaborative research project.

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