PO219 Guidelines for pd patient involvement in service development

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Involving patients and carers in service improvement projects is an essential aspect of patient-centred care, but happens only rarely. It can bring new perspectives and improve knowledge, health care engagement and health outcomes. While guidelines are available supporting public involvement in service improvement, these do not address the specific needs of patients with PD. The aim of this project is to develop an easy-to-use guide for service development project leads and patients/carers. This will facilitate the involvement of the latter in the development and implementation of PD service improvements. We used a semi-structured interview to capture good practice and barriers to service user involvement at each stage of service development. Local clinicians, patients and carers who have been involved in service improvement projects were invited to participate in telephone interviews. Key themes from initial grounded analysis of the data include: Access, including physical access to rooms and offering alternatives such as teleconferences or video calls; Representation, ensuring a wide range of patients are able to be involved; and Empowerment, enabling patient voice to be heard. The themes will describe how patients have been involved projects and how this could be done better; they will then inform further discussion by a focus group to define and develop the guide.

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