PO222 Integrating neuroscience into psychiatric training – and vice versa

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The Gatsby/Wellcome Neuroscience Project is a Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) two-year initiative to bridge the gap between psychiatry and neuroscience and introduce a modern neuroscience perspective into psychiatrists’ clinical work. The Core Curriculum for psychiatric trainees is being reshaped to incorporate advances from basic and clinical neuroscience research that are dramatically changing our understanding of how the brain works. This will: 1. Equip trainees for the scientific advances that will be made over their working lives by ensuring that they are ‘neuroscientifically literate’ 2. Better prepare psychiatrists to develop and deliver innovative biomedical approaches to patient care as they become available The first phase of the Project featured extensive consultation among members of the RCPsych, and a recurring theme was a desire among psychiatrists for increased training in neurology. We found a positive environment for collaboration and significant interest in exploring joint initiatives with organisations such as the ABN. A survey of neurologists in the ABN’s Cognitive Special Interest Group and of the Chairs of Advisory Groups revealed strong enthusiasm for the inclusion of psychiatry as a routine part of the training of neurology registrars. The Gatsby/Wellcome Neuroscience Project represents the ideal opportunity to develop such initiatives.

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