PO230 Out of programme experiences for research (oop-r) – a worthwhile experience?

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Doctors in training are allowed to apply to go ‘Out Of Progamme’ (OOP) to perform research, develop their clinical experience or take a career break. New replacement numbers are not released when a trainee takes an OOP. From 1 January 2016, Locum Appointments for Training (LAT) posts, across all specialties, ended in England. There is now a mismatch between trainee numbers wanting to take time out of programme and those in clinical training programmes. A survey was conducted into OOP preferences of neurology trainees throughout the North London training programme. 48 of 52 trainees responded to the email questionnaire to ascertain the following; 1. What proportion of trainees had already taken time OOP, 2. How many were looking to apply and what year, 3. How many years will trainees apply for OOP, and 4. Do trainees feel taking time OOP is a valuable experience, Neurology is a particularly academic speciality, where time OOP to develop research skills and experience is frequently requested; our survey demonstrates that the majority of trainees in the North London programme will have a research degree by the time they complete training. The survey also demonstrates the considerable benefits that trainees obtain from a period of OOP for research. We postulate that Health Education England should allow ‘mortgaging’ of training numbers in neurology to accommodate demand for OOPs without compromising adequate fill rates in clinical training programmes

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