THUR 180 Patient support program for RRMS patients treated with DMF

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IntroductionIn the UK, the number of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients far exceeds the capacity of MS specialist nurses (MSSNs).MethodsBiogen and IQVIA developed a remote, nurse-led, script-based telephone line providing educational assistance and supporting treatment adherence among relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) adult patients receiving delayed-release dimethyl fumarate (DMF; TECFIDERA). Following DMF initiation, 8 calls are scheduled over the first 3 months, followed by quarterly calls for the remainder of the first treatment year. The program began in March 2015; a new online treatment satisfaction survey started in July 2017.ResultsBased on summarized call data through November 2017, 941 total patients were enrolled from 136 UK hospitals, with a mean (median, range) of 6.9 (2, 1–117) patients/hospital. An average of 11.5 calls/patient were received. Across all 11 scheduled calls, the average time/call was 8.3 min. Over 33 months, cumulative DMF discontinuation among enrolled patients was 15.7%. Between July and November 2017, 31 patients on treatment for ≥1 year completed satisfaction surveys; 74% reported scores ≥4 (scale: 1 [poor] to 5 [excellent]).DiscussionThis program has been widely used and positively received across the UK by DMF-treated patients and may reduce the burden on MSSNs.SupportBiogen. Disclosures on poster.

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