WED 273 Wessex healthlines: neuroline

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BackgroundThe ability to provide timely signposting to patient with neurological conditions seen in clinic is crucial, but information resources are not always available or updated. Individuals wishing to participate in clinical trials may find it difficult to locate research opportunities, and busy clinicians may not be aware of local clinical research studies. We sought to develop a means of collating, organizing and displaying information on neurological conditions and research trials in an easily accessible form online.MethodsOver 350 local support groups, information resources and websites dealing with neurological conditions relevant to neurological patients in Wessex were identified. These were then displayed via a website that maps these resources, and offers a summary with a link to the primary source.ResultsOver the past year, the Wessex HealthLines site has been visited by over 2300 users, with the NeuroLine pages ( accessed by over 750 users. The site has now been expanded to include neurological research trials running in the region (ResearchLine).DiscussionThe Wessex HealthLines website (NeuroLine, ResearchLine) makes use of multiple resources to support information signposting in neurological conditions, and to clinical trials, across Wessex. Other regions interested in quality improvement projects may find this approach useful.

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