Building Scalable Wireless VoD Systems Through Efficient Management of Collocated Access Points

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The growing need for ubiquitous access to video on demand (VoD) applications by large audiences has driven researches to build new scalable VoD systems that can guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) over wireless networks. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a novel system-level design that guarantees QoS by eliminating the service latency for short videos over IEEE 802.11 networks. Furthermore, our VoD system attains scalable performance by employing collocated access points (APs) coupled with an efficient association management of clients to the APs using a generic least-loaded-first heuristic on non-overlapping channels. Simulated results of our VoD system demonstrated that it achieved scalable performance due to its effective use of available bandwidth of the APs while supporting a low blockage rate for short videos up to 360 s. These results suggest that our VoD system can be an attractive solution for several classes of scalable VoD applications that require QoS guarantee such as movie trailers, news, video clips, and commercials.

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