A Minimum Cut Interference-based Integrated RWA Algorithm for Multi-constrained Optical Transport Networks

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Advances in optical technologies have enabled the deployment of wavelength division-multiplexed (WDM) transmission systems capable of providing huge amounts of bandwidth across long distances. In this scenario, dynamic routing for direct provisioning of optical paths at the WDM layer becomes a challenging problem. Any distributed algorithm for routing dynamic traffic demands on optical transport infrastructures should be simple, flexible, efficient and scalable. The contribution of this paper is a novel integrated routing and grooming scheme for setting-up bandwidth guaranteed paths on hybrid wavelength and label switched networks. Our proposal exploits and refines the minimum interference routing idea according to an improved and re-optimized resource and traffic-aware approach, where critical links are detected and weighted according to a low complexity all-pairs minimum cut strategy that substantially reduce the overall number of calculations and hence the computational cost. The valuable results achieved in the comparison against other well-known reference techniques clearly demonstrate that our algorithm is very time-efficient while performing better in terms of blocking probability.

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