From IMS Management to SOA Based NGN Management

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Although IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are already emerging as the common session control platform for converging fixed, mobile and cable networks, harmonized solutions for the management of these converged platforms have still got to be developed. This document describes a hands-on approach to NGN Management. Started with IMS specific management systems, succeeding research had to take into account the importance of the management of NGN SDPs as well. This work shows that the hybrid nature of an NGN, where services can be delivered at the IMS layer, by SIP signaling mechanisms, as well as at the SDP, via Web Services, requires a harmonized management approach. Taking into account Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles and policy based model driven architectures, this work shows that a unification of service composition and service management already at the workflow creation level, bares significant benefits in terms of automation and harmonization. Following the SOA paradigm, the approach presented here does not differentiate between business process management (BPM) and management process management. Focusing on Telemanagement Forum's enhanced Telecom Operations Map service fulfillment and service assurance operations, this document describes an New Generation Software and Services (NGOSS) based implementation of a unified Operation Support System (OSS) for NGNs that encompasses many problems of former stovepipe management solutions in terms of automation, flexibility and manageability.

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