Nursing students' experiences of the effects of continual process-oriented group supervision

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To describe and analyse the nursing students' experiences of the effects of process-orientated group supervision.


There is a need to promote the development of the nursing student's professional identity and preparedness to act as well as to provide the opportunity for reflection and setting up a group supervision programme.


This paper is an in-depth study using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. An open-ended interview form including 24 items and four open-ended questions was used and 80 nursing students answered a questionnaire. The data were analysed by a factor analysis with varimax rotation and by open coding.


The three analysis factors were labelled: 'Increased patient attentiveness', 'Increased empathy ability', and 'Increased insight and security'. From the findings of the qualitative analysis two main categories emerged: 'Increased ability to communicate' and 'Personal growth'.


The findings of this study suggest that there is an association between the effects of group supervision and the nursing students' development of a nurse identity.

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