Working conditions, psychosocial resources and work stress in nurses and physicians in chief managers' positions

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The study investigated whether psychosocial work conditions, professional network, job support, social network and support, sick leave and salary were associated with work stress in nurses in chief manager' positions above ward level and physicians in clinical director positions. A sample consisting of 205 nurses and 274 physicians in chief managers' positions at higher structural level answered a questionnaire. Odds ratios were used for estimating the bivariate association between work stress and psychosocial resources. The result showed that both nurse managers (OR 6.8; 95% CI: 3.5–13.5) and clinical directors (OR 6.7; 95% CI: 3.6–12.5) exposed to high job demands had a significantly higher probability of high level of work stress. The results also indicated that the available psychosocial resources taken together inside and outside work did not balance the experienced work stress in nurse managers and the clinical directors who were exposed to high work demands. No relation was found between work stress and sick leave and salary.

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