Does value congruence between nurses and supervisors effect job satisfaction and turnover?

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The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of congruency of leadership support and value of patient outcomes between nurses and nurse managers and nurses’ job satisfaction and turnover intent.


Turnover most often has a negative effect on an organization. Leadership support and patient outcomes have been identified as important factors, but congruency has not been studied in great detail.


This quantitative non-experimental study included registered nurses (92) and nurse managers (21) in five non-magnet hospitals in the United States.


Value congruence on leadership support was correlated with job satisfaction: Satisfaction in Nursing Scale (SINs) – Workload Barriers (r = 0.327, Administrative Support r = 0.544 and Collegiality = 0.920, P < 0.05). Value congruence and leadership support (Leadership Practices Inventory, LPI) was negatively correlated with turnover intent (r = 0.317, P < 0.05). When all variables were combined a correlation of Value of Patient Outcomes (VOPOS) and the Anticipated Turnover Scale (ATS) (r = 0.099, P > 0.05) was noted.


Value congruence of leadership support is related to job satisfaction and may be a factor in turnover intent.

Implications for nursing management

Nurse Administrators can use these results to develop policies to address the turnover especially in the area of leadership support.

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