Crystal structure of NH3(CH2)2NH3BiCl5·2H2O

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The ethylenediammonium pentachlorobismuthate(III) dihydrate salt is monoclinic with the following unit cell dimensions: a = 10.902(8)Å, b = 7.926(6)Å, c = 15.199(6)Å, β = 96.40(1)°, space group P21/n with Z = 4. The structure shows a layer arrangement parallel to the a→ axis: planes of the [Bi2Cl10]4− bioctahedra alternate with planes of [NH3(CH2)2NH3]2+ dications. The [Bi2Cl10]4− bioctahedra are connected through O(W)–H…Cl hydrogen bonds, so that infinite unidimensional chains of composition [Bi2Cl10(H2O)2]4n−n are formed in the structure parallel to the a→ axis. These chains are themselves interconnected by means of the N–H…Cl bonds originating from the [NH3(CH2)2NH3]2+ entities, forming a three-dimensional network.

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