Crystal structure of 2,2,4,7,7-pentamethyl-3,6-dithiaoctane tetracarbonyl tungsten(0)

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The x-ray crystal structure of the complex η2-PDOW(CO)4 (five-membered ring, PDO = 2, 2, 4, 7, 7-pentamethyl-3,6-dithiaoctane) is reported. The complex crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, space group P21/c, [#14] with unit cell parameters a = 14.002(14) Å, b = 9.340(10) Å, c = 15.094(12) Å, β = 92.67(4)°, V = 1972(3) Å3; Z = 4. The arrangement of the ligands around the metal atom is distorted from octahedral geometry. Large C – O bond distances and short W – C bond distances of the carbonyl groups located at a trans position with respect to PDO is indicative of a trans influence. The W – S(1) and W – S(2) bond distances of 2.545(3) and 2.545(2) Å, respectively, are shorter than observed for closely related complexes.

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