A dinuclear cyano-bridged complex based on hexacyanoferrate(III) and samarium(III) nitrate: synthesis and crystal structure

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A new complex, [Sm(DMF)4(H2O)4Fe(CN)6]·H2O (DMF = N, N-dimethylformamide), has been synthesized and characterized by X-ray single crystal structure and thermogravimetric analyses. The complex crystallizes in the P21/n space group, with lattice parameters a = 17.583(4) Å, b = 8.870(2) Å, c = 19.845(6) Å, β = 95.98(3)°, V = 3078(1) Å3, Dx = 1.679 Mg m−3, Dm = 1.65(1) Mg m−3, Z = 4. The molecular structure shows that a cyano-bridged bimetallic structure is obtained. The Sm atom is coordinated by eight oxygen atoms of four water molecules and four DMF molecules and one nitrogen atom of the bridging cyanide ligand. The iron atom assumes approximately an octahedral environment surrounded by six CN ligands. The hydrate water molecule is hydrogen-bonded to one of the O atoms bound to Sm. Each terminal CN ligand of the Fe(CN)3−6 entity is hydrogen-bonded to some O atoms of water molecules. An infrared spectrum is also reported.

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