Crystal structure of N-benzylmethylammonium dihydrogen-monophosphate monohydrate, [C6H5CH2NH2CH3]H2PO4·H2O

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The salt N-benzylmethylammonium dihydrogenmonophosphate monohydrate is monoclinic with the following unit cell dimensions: a = 6.356(1)Å, b = 8.385(7)Å, c = 11.472(5)Å, β = 104.32(1)°, space group P21 with Z = 2. The structure consists of infinite parallel two-dimensional [110] planes built of mutually connected ions and water molecules by strong O– H… O and N– H… O hydrogen bonding. There are no contacts other than normal van der Waals interactions between the layers.

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