Tricarbonyl (η6 arene) chromium(0) complex derived from 8-phenylmenthol chiral auxiliary

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(—)-8-Phenylmenthol was prepared and converted to the corresponding tricarbonyl (η6-arene) chromium(0) complex. Derivitization as the acrylate ester (1) and subsequent X-ray analysis revealed a 1:1 mix of s-cis and s-trans acrylate in the unit cell, and geometric proximity to support a through-space π stacking interaction in the case of the s-trans isomer. The dihedral angle between the best planes through the chromium-bound aryl ring and the acrylate group is 19.9° for the s-trans isomer and 34.4° for the s-cis isomer. Crystal data for (1): C22H26O5Cr, monoclinic, P21 (No. 4), a = 10.269(1), b = 10.482(1), c = 19.787(2), β = 95.85(1), Z = 4, and Dcalc = 1.32 g cm−3.

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