Delivery Outcome in Women Employed in Medical Occupations in Sweden

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A study was made of the delivery outcome in women working in medical occupations in Sweden. One cohort of approximately 1500 women who worked in 31 hospitals for chronic diseases during the period 1965-1975 and who gave birth during those years was studied. Also all women working in medical occupations and delivered during the years 1973-1975 were investigated by matching existing data registers. It was found that caesarian sections and vacuum extractions were used more frequently than expected. A significantly increased perinatal death rate was noted in 1973, but could not be related to any specific occupational exposure known to represent an increased risk. No general increase in malformation rate was seen, but a local cluster, occurring at certain hospitals in the Gothenburg area in 1973-1974 was identified. No support was obtained for the hypothesis that the use of soap containing hexachlorophene is associated with an increased risk of perinatal death or malformation.

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