Stable nanocolloids of poorly soluble drugs with high drug content prepared using the combination of sonication and layer-by-layer technology

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Stable nanocolloids of insoluble drugs with very high drug content (up to 90% wt) can be easily and reproducibly prepared through the application of the layer-by-layer (LbL) technology, alternate adsorption of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes on the surface of drug nanoparticles produced by ultrasonication of larger drug crystals. Such polymeric coating prevents drug nanoparticle aggregation and creates a firm polymeric shell on their surface. Drug release rate from such nanocolloidal particles can be easily controlled by assembling multilayer shells with variable shell density and thickness. Various additional functions, such as specific targeting ligands, can be easily attached to the surface on nanocolloidal particles of poorly soluble drugs by using a polymer with free reactive groups for the “outer” coating. This may represent a novel approach to preparing convenient dosage forms of poorly soluble drugs.

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