An aptamer-antibody complex (oligobody) as a novel delivery platform for targeted cancer therapies

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Aptamers have recently emerged as reliable and promising targeting agents in the field of biology. However, their therapeutic potential has yet to be completely assessed due to their poor pharmacokinetics for systemic administration. Here, we describe a novel aptamer-antibody complex, designated an “oligobody” (oligomer + antibody) that may overcome the therapeutic limitations of aptamers. To provide proof-of-principle study, we investigated the druggability of oligobody in vivo using cotinine conjugated t44-OMe aptamer, which is specific for the sequence of pegaptanib, and an anti-cotinine antibody. The antibody part of oligobody resulted in extended in vivo pharmacokinetics of the aptamer without influencing its binding affinity. Moreover, the aptamer of oligobody penetrated deeply into the tumor tissues whereas the anti-VEGF antibody did not. Finally, the systemic administration of this oligobody reduced the tumor burden in a xenograft mouse model. Together, these results suggested that our oligobody strategy may represent a novel platform for rapid, low-cost and high-throughput cancer therapy.

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Aptamer-antibody hybrid complex: Because the oligobody requires only a single antibody and utilizes a simple antigen–antibody reaction, it could offer the benefits of aptamers and antibodies, and may be a potentially valuable tool for cancer therapeutics.

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