Nanoemulsion: Concepts, development and applications in drug delivery

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Nanoemulsions are biphasic dispersion of two immiscible liquids: either water in oil (W/O) or oil in water (O/W) droplets stabilized by an amphiphilic surfactant. These come across as ultrafine dispersions whose differential drug loading; viscoelastic as well as visual properties can cater to a wide range of functionalities including drug delivery. However there is still relatively narrow insight regarding development, manufacturing, fabrication and manipulation of nanoemulsions which primarily stems from the fact that conventional aspects of emulsion formation and stabilization only partially apply to nanoemulsions. This general deficiency sets up the premise for current review. We attempt to explore varying intricacies, excipients, manufacturing techniques and their underlying principles, production conditions, structural dynamics, prevalent destabilization mechanisms, and drug delivery applications of nanoemulsions to spike interest of those contemplating a foray in this field.

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