GRP78 enabled micelle-based glioma targeted drug delivery

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GRP78, a specific cancer cell-surface marker, is implicated in cancer cells proliferation, apoptosis resistance, metastasis and drug resistance. L-VAP (SNTRVAP) is a tumor homing peptide exhibiting high binding affinity in vitro to GRP78 protein overexpressed on glioma, glioma stem cells, vasculogenic mimicry and neovasculature. Even though short peptides are often non-immunogenic and demonstrate high affinity to tumor cells, their targeting efficacy is always undermined by rapid blood clearance and enzymatic degradation. In the present study, two D peptides RI-VAP (retro inverso isomer of L-VAP) and D-VAP (retro isomer of L-VAP) were developed by structure-guided peptide design and retro-inverso isomerization technique for glioma targeting. RI-VAP and D-VAP were predicted to bind their receptor GRP78 protein with similar binding affinity, which was experimentally confirmed. The results of in vivo imaging demonstrated that RI-VAP and D-VAP had remarkably advantage over L-VAP for tumor accumulation. In addition, RI-VAP and D-VAP modified paclitaxel-loaded polymeric micelle had better anti-tumor efficacy in comparison to taxol, paclitaxel-loaded plain micelles and L-VAP modified micelles. Overall, the VAP modified micelles suggested in the present study could effectively achieve glioma-targeted drug delivery, validating the potential of the stable VAP peptides in improving the therapeutic efficacy of paclitaxel for glioma.

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