Reactive oxygen species activated nanoparticles with tumor acidity internalization for precise anticancer therapy

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The fact that the sensitivities of different tumor cells and different individuals to the actions of drug delivery system varied greatly, restricted the anticarcinogen to a desired therapeutic concentration. How to determine the destiny of drug delivery system in space and time is the main challenge to realize the precise anticancer therapy. In this paper, we reported a preparation of degradable nanoparticles (designated Pros-PDC) loaded DOX and IR780 with three functional domains: the charge-conversional feature with long circulation time and enhanced internalization, light-triggered reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation and subsequently ROS responsive anticancer drug release with a spatially and temporally precise fashion. The spatiotemporal drug release from the ROS activated Pros-PDC nanoparticles could be controlled by when and how long to perform laser irradiation. In the present work, multifunctions of DOX and IR780 loaded Pros-PDC nanoparticles, as a flexible, easily controllable drug release platform, had been certificated in vitro and in vivo.Graphical abstract

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