Use of iontophoresis for the treatment of cancer

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Despite major advancements in cancer treatments, there are still many limitations to therapy including off-target effects, drug resistance, and control of cancer-related symptoms. There are opportunities for local drug delivery devices to intervene at various stages of cancer to provide curative and palliative benefit. Iontophoretic devices that deliver drugs locally to a region of interest have been adapted for the treatment of cancer. These devices have shown promise in pre-clinical and clinical studies for retinoblastoma, skin, bladder, and pancreatic cancers. Herein, we review iontophoretic devices used in the management of cancer.Graphical abstractHighlightsIontophoretic devices have been used to deliver a variety of anti-cancer agents.There are multiple routes of iontophoretic drug delivery for treatment of cancer.Iontophoresis has been used in patients for treatment of bladder and skin cancers.Translation of iontophoresis is contingent on finding the right clinical situation.

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