Comparison of B-Scan Sonographic Measurements of Optic Cup with Fundus Photographic Measurements

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To compare the measurements of the optic cup diameter with B-scan sonography with fundus photography in patients with clear ocular media and to propose a solution for the clinical problem of determining the cup-disc ratio in eyes with opaque ocular media.


We studied 122 patients (glaucoma patients and non-glaucoma controls) with clear ocular media. Measurements of optic cup diameters using Quantel 10 MHz B-scan sonography were compared with magnification-corrected measurements of the same area using Zeiss FF450 Plus fundus camera. Paired-sample t-test was used to compare the measurements. The correlation between measurements of optic cup diameters using the 2 methods was established. In addition, the optic disc diameters of both eyes were measured on fundus photographs and compared with each other.


There was no significant difference between the fundus photographic and sonographic measurements of optic cup diameters. There was no difference in the fundus photographic measurements of optic disc diameters between the 2 eyes.


In an eye with opaque ocular media, the cup-disc ratio can be calculated by using the optic cup diameter of this eye with B-scan sonography and the optic disc diameter of the fellow eye with clear media measured by fundus photography.

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