Apolipoprotein AI-CIII-AIV gene cluster polymorphisms in relation to cholesterol gallstone

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To investigate the frequency of variants at Xmn I, Msp I sites of apolipoprotein (Apo), A I-CIII-AIV gene cluster, and its relation to cholesterol gallstones in Chinese patients.


Restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLP) at Xmn I, Msp I sites of ApoAI-CIII-AIV gene cluster were studied using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in 161 patients with cholesterol gallstones and 94 healthy subjects from a Chinese population in Sichuan Province.


In both the cholesterol gallstone group and the healthy control group, X1 and M1 alleles were the major alleles and homozygous X1X1 and M1M1 genotypes were the most frequent. However, the frequency of X2 allele mutation in female patients of the cholesterol gallstones group was significantly higher than that in women in the healthy control group (P < 0.05), but no difference was found in the frequency of M2 alleles mutation (P > 0.05).


The data showed that Xmn I RFLP of ApoAI-CIII-AIV gene cluster is associated to some extent with cholesterol gallstones in female Chinese patients.

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