A case of lymphangitic sporotrichosis occurring on both forearms with a published work review of cases of bilateral sporotrichosis in Japan

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The patient, 56-year-old man who was working as a clerk and a farmer, presented with nodules that had appeared on the dorsa of both his hands 3 months earlier. At the first examination, there were multiple dark-red nodules scattered on the fingers, dorsa and wrists of both hands. The nodules were up to 3 cm in diameter and had crusts in the incenters. The patient was suspected to suffer from prurigo and was subsequently treated with topical steroid, but the nodules did not respond. Therefore, a skin biopsy and fungal culture were performed, and the patient was finally diagnosed as having bilateral multiple sporotrichosis. He was then successfully treated with local thermotherapy and oral potassium iodide. Bilaterally-distributed lymphangitic sporotrichosis is very rare and often difficult to diagnose. Careful attention is required to avoid misdiagnosis.

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