Lipedematous scalp and lipedematous alopecia: Report of three cases in white adults

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Lipedematous scalp (LS) and lipedematous alopecia (LA) are rare conditions of unknown etiology characterized by a thick and boggy scalp due to increase in the subcutaneous fat layer. Besides the changes in the texture of skin, varying degrees of hair loss are seen in patients with LA. In this report, we present two cases with LA and one case with LS in white adults. On examination, a boggy and soft swelling of the scalp was detected in all patients. In addition, the patients with LA had alopecic areas over the boggy scalp. Histopathologic examinations of skin biopsy specimens and magnetic resonance imaging of the scalp showed increased thickness of subcutaneous fat tissue in all patients. The exact etiopathogenesis of LA and LS remain unknown. These conditions may be either reactive or compansatory responses versus yet undetected stimuli, or represent a genetic tendency. Both of the these entities have been initially reported mostly in adult black females, however, we believe that LA and LS may well occur in white subjects and may be more widespread and frequently observed than previously supposed.

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